We choose the diaper change cream together

The diaper change is a frequent operation that should be done by choosing the comfortable place to perform the operation, the diaper most suitable for the baby and taking special care of the cleaning and treatment of the skin of the seder and intimate parts.


Cleaning and Prevention

It is important that the baby’s skin, particularly delicate and sensitive, receives the appropriate cleansing and protective treatment when changing, with non-aggressive products that respect the skin and at the same time effective to prevent possible irritations caused by organic residues. After scrupulously removing the dirt, it is advisable to check the condition of the child’s skin. Simple irritation may be present with a slight reddening, but sometimes the skin may have bright red spots, with a smooth and shiny surface, which can affect, in addition to the skin, the genitals and the inner part of the thighs.

In this case it is necessary to apply a soothing and protective cream to relieve and prevent other forms of redness. Even if the skin does not show redness, it is always good to apply a protective cream to keep the skin healthy and intact, preventing irritation.

How to apply the cream

The application of protective pastes must take place on perfectly clean leather, where there is not the slightest residue of dirt. These pastes act in fact forming a thin barrier film which, adhering perfectly to the clean skin, effectively hinders its direct contact with feces and urine. The same pastes, if applied instead to the residual dirt, fix the same on the skin, causing a long and unwanted contact that facilitates irritations and redness.


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