Cuddles and caresses are the first mean of effective communication between mum and her baby and strengthen their bond.

The touch is one of the main senses, the first to develop, appearing already in the embryo. During the first months, then, through the tactile exploration of his body, the caresses and the daily contact with the mum, the baby becomes aware of his physical being.


But, further than being a physical perception mean, touch plays an important role even in the field of affective relationships.

The ability of infant skin to perceive sensory stimuli and all their emotional meanings is truly outstanding and, thanks also to skin to skin contact with the mum, creates that peculiar bond between mother and child. The baby loves to be cuddled and hugged. So you don’t have to be afraid to cuddle him too much, for a baby, cuddles are not a spoil, but they are rather a reassurance that he absolutely needs.

An useful and stimulating experience, further than warming, for communicating with your baby and to encourage his experimentation of the outer world is certainly represented by baby massaging. It is an antique tradition that can be found in several cultures, where it is held as the non spoken language which is most accessible for a newborn baby, as well as a way to early recognizing his physical and emotive needs and for establishing with him a special and at the same time unbreakable relationship.


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