The daily bath, especially in the first months of life, is a moment of pampering and relaxation for mum and baby.


When to do it

The baby bath is not just a moment of cleanliness and hygiene but a further moment of pampering, of relationship and contact with the mother and an opportunity for the baby to become familiar with the water. The bath has a relaxing effect and can be a great way to encourage sleep, so it can be done in the evening, before the last suck.

The right bath temperature

To prepare the bath it is important, first of all, to always check the water temperature with a suitable thermometer. It should not exceed 36 – 37 degrees, while the environment must be around 23 degrees because the child does not feel cold.

The specific products for the bath

During the bath, for cleansing it is necessary to use specific products, suitable for the delicate skin of the child, without soap, or surfactants of the Sles type. At the beginning a unique product for body and hair can be used, specific for the skin of the newborn, delicate, emollient and moisturizing with a Ph that does not irritate the eyes.

Everything at your fingertips

To prepare the bath it is important to first prepare everything needed. Everything must be within reach so as not to be forced to leave the child alone in the tub or in the changing table.

As soon as you get out of the bath, the baby must be immediately wrapped in a bathrobe or in a square of sponge, more comfortable for the newborn and dried by dabbing the skin without rubbing.

Extend the moment with a massage

The bath, followed by massage, helps to consolidate the relationship between mother and child and promotes the development of the child. In particular, if the skin is dry, you can massage the baby with an emollient and hydrating product.


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