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IKEA LOCKIG Children’s Potty White/Green

  • Anti-slip material on the bottom.The potty won’t move easily when your child is using it.

  • Made from harmless plastic, the same material used in baby bottles, disposable diapers and food boxes.

  • Measurements Length: 14 ¼ ” Width: 10 ¾ ” Height: 11 “

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Time to take the step from diapers to using a potty?

It’s a big step for your child and they may need some extra support. A good way to start is to place the potty in the bathroom to stimulate your child’s curiosity. Then let your child try sitting without a diaper a few times. Remember to not rush, just adopt the pace of the child and encourage, praise and make potty training something that your child thinks is fun. Good luck!


627 40193129189299


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