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KailexBaby Baby Grooming Kit, (Pink)

  • COMPLETE: The Grooming and health kit includes 9 essential products you need to take care of your newborn baby or infant: fingernail clippers, scissors with rounded tip for safety, glass nail file, baby brush, baby hair comb, digital thermometer, medicine dropper, nasal aspirator with oral suction, finger toothbrush
  • EFFICIENT: The BPA free Baby Nasal Aspirator included is with oral suction, allowing the parents to relieve baby’s nasal congestion. It is easy to clean and does not require any filter. The digital thermometer is designed for an easy, accurate temperature reading.
  • CONVENIENT: The organizer case is lightweight and portable and can be slipped easily in a diaper bag.
  • SAFETY AND HYGIENE: Our nursery care kit is made with high quality and safe materials to keep your baby well-groomed and healthy all the time.
  • BABY REGISTRY: Ideal gift set for Baby Shower

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Modern, complete and indispensable, the KailexBaby care kit is the ideal birth gift for all future parents!

    • Its BPA Free Baby Nasal Aspirator with mouthpiece allows parents’ own suction to safely and effectively clear stuffy noses.
      Its digital thermometer provides accurate reading.
    • Its luxury small pouch provides more room to put other personal belongings for the baby, so you can take care of your little ones anywhere. It can fit into any diaper bag.


    • It makes a perfect gift for a baby registry. You can provide your loved ones with a gift set that has all baby grooming essentials.

9 High quality items included in our kit
1 Baby brush
1 Baby hair comb
1 Nail clippers
1 Glass nail file
1 Scissors
1 Nasal Aspirator with mouth suctioning
1 Digital thermometer
1 Finger toothbrush
1 Medicine dispenser.

Nasal aspirator instructions
1. Place your baby‘s face up on a changing table or bed.
2. Insert the tip gently into your baby’s nostril and put the spout in your mouth and start aspiring.
3.The protruding tubs inside the tip and tip base will prevent you from getting anything in your mouth. In case the mucus is dry or thick, please use saline spray to soften the mucus, then apply the suction.
4. Wipe off any remaining residue with a dampened baby washcloth.




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