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Kids Safety Helmets Grey

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Baby Boy Girls Anti-collision Safety Helmet Head protection Hat kids

Baby Boy Girls Anti-collision Safety Helmet Head protection Hat kids safety walk Protective Cap child Children safety helmets 

Head circumference: about 43cm-53cm.
Weight: less than 50g.
Applicable age: 8-60 months.
Season: spring/summer/autumn/winter

A most recent investigation shows that: the nervous system and brains of infants are incomplete and relatively fragile, and their brain tissues are floating in the cranial cavity and not so fixed. Therefore, when their heads are colliding with something or being shaken or thrown fiercely, the brain tissues are likely to collide with the empty skull and result in brain damage. Though such damage will not show obvious symptoms in appearance, it may result in mental decline in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important for infants to wear “toddler helmets”.

A patented and award-winning soft protective headgear designed for toddlers learning to walk to help protect them from bumps, bruises and falls from their own height when they are unsteady on their feet. Now instead of constantly having to cruise behind unsteady walkers, this product gives parents the peace of mind and babies the freedom they need.




safety walk Protective Cap child Children safety helmets




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