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Lansinoh Post-Birth Wash Bottle

  • Can be used upside down for ease of use
  • Soothes post-birth discomfort
  • Comes with storage bag for on the go use
  • Holds up to 360ml of water

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The perineal area can be stressed and tender after giving birth.

Use the Post-Birth Wash Bottle to gently wash this sensitive area and soothe post-birth discomfort with a cleansing stream of water. The Post-Birth Wash Bottle can hold up to 360ml of water and can be easily used upside down to reach the perineal area.

How to Use: Fill bottle with warm water. Screw cap on securely and extend nozzle firmly While on the toilet, invert bottle between legs aim the tip towards the perineal area. Squeeze bottle gently while urinating and repeat as needed to clean the area.

Collapsible spout and storage bag for portability.


581 5060420232721


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