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Munchkin 360 Cup lid Green 1 Count

  • Includes 4 BPA free Miracle Cup Lids
  • Fits all size Miracle cups, including the new 24 ounce adult sized cup
  • Snap on lid keeps rim clean
  • Great for on the go

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Snap on, cup stays clean.

You love your Miracle Cup, but worry about the rim getting dirty while traveling. We hear you! Our convenient four-pack of snap-on lids protects the rim of your cup, keeping germs and dirt away. These lids will fit any size and style of Miracle Cup and is perfectly coordinated to match the color of your cup. Get ready, get set, and go with your favorite Miracle Cup!

Compatible withMiracle 360 10 Ounce Sippy CupStainless Steel 360 10 Ounce Sippy CupMiracle 360 9 Ounce Sippy CupPAW Patrol Miracle 360 9 Ounce Sippy CupMiracle 360 7 Ounce Trainer CupMiracle 360 6 Ounce Trainer Cup
Available inBlue/Green and Pink/Orange (2 Packs)Blue, Pink, Green and Orange (1 Packs)Blue/Green and Pink/Blue designs (2 Packs)Blue and Pink designs (1 Packs)Blue/Green and Pink/Orange (2 Packs)Blue/Green and Pink/Blue designs (2 Packs)

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Being a parent means keeping little bottoms dry and clean. At Munchkin, we have what you need to be a diaper changing pro. Award winning diaper pail, check. Wipe warmer for a more pleasant experience, check. Kits for on the go changes, check. Caddies for keeping essentials organized and handy, check. Disposal bags that eliminate stink, check. And more? Check!

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217 5019090517713


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