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Munchkin Raise Fork & Spoon Set Green

  • Includes 1 fork and 1 spoon
  • Base keeps utensil tips off tables and other surfaces, away from germs
  • Ergonomic design fits toddler hands
  • Flatware picks up food with ease
  • Top rack dishwasher safe, BPA free, 12+ months

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raise forks utensils munchkin

Here’s to conquering self-feeding milestones!

Self-feeding can be a messy affair, but you can do your part to keep some of it cringe-free. Level up your toddler’s mealtime game with Raise utensils. These ergonomically designed forks and spoons fit their hands and mouths to a tee, and they come with an added bonus — a base that keeps utensil tips off the table (or floor). Some days, that’s considered a major parenting win!

Product Features

raise forks utensils munchkin
raise forks utensils munchkin
raise utensils

Proportionate Design

Designed to fit toddler hands and mouths to a tee. Recommended for little ones 12 months and older.

Germ Free

Base keeps utensil tip off the table and away from germs. The utensils are also dishwasher safe.

Mealtime Essentials

We have your mealtime needs covered! Look for our bowls and cups – sold separately.


404 5019090112215


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