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Tommee Tippee Ultra Light Silicone Soothers 6-18m 2Pk

  • Ultra-light – silicone soother stays put in baby’s mouth longer so you don’t have to replace it every few minutes
  • Calm and happy – because it doesn’t fall out of baby’s mouth, this ultra-light soother helps keep baby calmer and happier for longer
  • Made from super soft 100% food-grade silicone – safe for baby, silky smooth, soft silicone gives this soother a skin-like feel and texture so it feels familiar in baby’s mouth
  • Acceptance guaranteed – shaped, moves and flexes like our award-winning breast-like teats so baby is likely to accept this soother first time
  • Anti-static – keeps dust away, to reassure parents about hygiene
  • Suitable for 6-18months

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Skin-friendly design

This specialist soother is designed with an open shield that curves away from your baby’s face, for less skin-contact and improved airflow. This prevents moisture build-up and stops your baby’s sensitive skin getting sore and red.





Our Advanced Sensitive soothers feature an oval, reverse ortho baglet that is vented meaning it compresses more easily than traditional, air-filled baglets and therefore reduces pressure on baby’s developing teeth and gums.


The symmetrical, soft silicone baglet is fully reversible and has no ‘wrong-side-up’ so the soother will always be placed correctly in your baby’s mouth, even when baby puts the soother in their mouth themselves.

Easy to clean & BPA-free

Silicone is taste-free and won’t retain any stains or odours. Easy to clean either in a steriliser, by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Always BPA and phthalate-free for your ultimate reassurance.




How often should I replace my baby’s soother?

In the interests of hygiene, we recommend that you change your baby’s soother every month. Always check the soother before each use and replace at the first signs of damage or weakness. We recommend stopping soother use when your child is older than 36 months.

Available in different age stages

The Advanced Sensitive soother is suitable for use from birth and is available in two age stages. The 0-6-month size features a smaller teat and shield for tiny mouths and noses. As your baby grows, you can switch to the 6-18m soother which offers the same benefits but with a larger teat and shield.

Kinder to the environment

To help reduce our environmental impact we have redesigned our soother packaging. Our Advanced Sensitive Skin Soother 4 packs are now free from any single-use plastic and are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard.


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